Moby[Beautiful Remix]


.... understand me ...


It's because of my body has bad effect today.

The outstanding gene did it.

All of you guys are wrong because even though I don't have any evidence,
I've got plenty of moral sounding spin doctoring.

Now I'm screaming loudly but silently.

What the hell am I talking about? I'm sure no one understand.

Show me proof God doesn't exist and I'll think about it.

There is no God.

It doesn't make sense to me, so I don't have to follow the law.

do i ?

What's happen!? I can't move.

I can't wait til you go out into the real world and give me some cigarrate.

That's out of context.

He said "It's not a problem with the system, it's a problem with the people"

I hate that words because I could't see any prob!

I listen his opinion 5 times and still have no clue what the hell he's talking about.

Shut the fuck up!

Get yo' ass back to your seat.

I'm not a liberal, I'm an independent!

So, I still agree with you.

No, not YOU...

You get the Finger. Yeah I mean the middle.

Anyway, I hate society because Im completely different and they are all the same.

I try so hard to find attitude (+).

But still have only attitude (-).

The proof of creation is all around us.

The proof of evolution is all around us.

Do youknow whatI mean?

Probably not.

Give me any idea, Please.

You have to do it. BECAUSE I SAY SO.

Yeah.. bcozI said so..